One of the most popular cycling routes in Austria

Slowly descend along the Mur

Cycling between the mountain peaks

Past our house is one of the longest and most popular cycling routes in Austria: Murradweg. The river where you cycle past, springing up in the mountains near the small town of Muhr and then winds through the valleys down and finally emerging as the second-largest river in Austria. From St. Michael is a wonderful day trip to go to the ontspringpunt of the Mur.


Fascinating toMurradweg see the river gradually widening to while on the beautiful bike path cycle through very varied landscape. In Lungau you cycle still between high mountain tops and the Alpine meadows. Slowly you descend further towards Bad Radkersburg on the Slovenian border. Along the way you will pass several historic towns, university town of Leoben and the old market town of Bruck an der Mur with its old town. Graz, world cultural heritage, invites you for a longer visit. Because the bike trail gradually descends and follows the river, the bike trail is also fine to do for families with children.