Mountain huts

Below is a list of our favorite refuges.

Wildbachhutte in Lessachtal (1806m)

end of June to mid-October, 0043 (0) 664 4107513

At Erlebnis at the end of the walk there is a nice playground for children with beautiful views.


Almstüberl op de Faningberg

Almstüberl the Faningberg (1850m)

June – End of September 0043 (0) 650 7611101

Nice walk on the Fanningberg mountain





speiereck halterhütte

Speiereckhalterhütte (1933m)

mid June to late September

Beautiful walk from St. Michael on the Speiereck above the tree line.



Pritzhütte (1800m) on the Katschberg

mid May to early November, 0043 (0) 664 2844583

A pretty simple walk on the Katschberg, or by carriage. A more adventurous walk from the Gamskogelhütte to Pritzhütte, with nice playground and ponyalm.


Granglerhütte (1320m) in Weisspriachtal

mid-May to late October, 0043 (0) 664 6353715

A simple tame,  flat walk across the high plateau with alpine views and a great river to run along and play. The cabin is distinguished as best hut in Salzburg.




Sticklerhütte (1752m) in Muhrtal

early June to late September, 0043 (0) 664 1501940





Dicktlerhütte (1148m) in Weisspriach

May to October (closed Mon & Tue), 0043 (0) 664 5583463

In Dicktlerhütte children can play in the water, there is also a nice walk to the waterfall.


Ludlalm (1520m) at Prebersee

always open, 0043 (0) 6474 7552

Around the Prebersee you can walk along the moor, and you can during the summer you van swim and sunbathe in the lake.




Schlögelberg wildlife park (1293 m) in St Margarethen

always open, 0043 (0) 6476313

Terminus of the theme hike Wasserweg, small game park.




Neuhauserstubn (1070 m) in St Michael

always open Mon, Tues & Wed Sabbath, 0043 (0) 6476 313

From the guesthouse a nice walk or bike ride, nice terrace and a small lake. In the stables you can admire horses and book carriage tours.


Gamskogelhütte (1830 m) on the Katschberg

mid-June to mid-October, 0043 (0) 4734 291

From Katschberg have a simple walk through the toboggan run (much climbing) or via the landall greenpark through herbal hike to the hut. Sundays often live music and in clear weather a beautiful view from the terrace