Cross-country skiing in the Lungau

The lungau features a very extensive network of 150 km classical cross country trails and skating runs. Here you can tie on your cross-country skis for hours pretty much just whiz through the landscape, enjoying the fresh snow and animal tracks along the way! Unique in the Lungau are the higher trails where you can ski until spring, even if the snow conditions are not to be desired. The upper trails are scattered throughout the Lungau, Prebersee, Lignitz and Schönfeld. With enough snow you can step 100 meters from the guesthouse on the murtalloipe (km).


Höhenloipe Schönfeld- Rosanin, 8 km classic and skating

Höhenloipe Schönfeld-Kasmandl 2 km skating

Höhenloipe-Schönfeld Bundschuh, 14 km classic & partially skating

Höhenloipe Preber, 9 km classic and skating 6 km

Höhenloipe Lignitz, 6 km classic and skating (circuit)

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Below we describe the trail that lie closest to the guesthouse, the Murtalloipe is an easy, classic cross-country to do well for everyone.



Difficulty: Easy

Location: between 1025 – 1124 m

Length: 31 km


Area: St Michael – St. Margarethen is 6 km classic and skating sunny trail. On the course, you can eat or drink. At St Margarethen you can do further cross-country skiing or bus get back.

When the amount of snow in the village is not enough, you can always try one of the six trails higher up.