Cooking Experience Week: Lungaurische kitchen 

Who is this cooking experience week for? 
For people who value good and honest (organic) food and want to discover this in a broader perspective. 
For people who love to cook and find it interesting where their ingredients come from. 
For partners and children because their is plenty to do here. 
For people who like to visit inspiring places and in addition to walking. 
How does the week look like? 
In the morning trips to different companies where the Slow Food idea of outsher applied in the way of working. Traditions are combined with innovative ideas, nature is taxed as little as possible and welfare is paramount. There Own Creation than products where the quality is incredibly high. 
In the afternoon, the products of the morning will be processed during the cooking workshop. 
Most excursions are also fun for kids. And that the participation in the excursions and cooking workshops is optional, there is enough time left over then we can also undertake other activities. 
On request between half May and start of July
The cost per person per week with half board is € 346.50. 
Cost of the program € 250.00. Consisting of five tours (including lunch 3 times) and four cooking workshops. 
A consultation can also be optional in the program, here a separate price may be negotiated. 
Children receive a discount on the program. Also there is a child discount when staying in the parents’ room. 
Not included: 
Transportation, lunches and other refreshments 
The content of the course can be changed under the influence of bad weather or special needs. Also, a shift in days is possible.