Who are we


We Thea Hendriks and Annelies Huber who in August 2006 with our children Rosie (then, 7 years) and Donna (then, 3 years) have moved to the Lungau. 


We wanted to run a small hotel for a long time and then found this Sankt Michael. We were immediately in love with the area, the natural beauty and tranquility which can still be found here. We go there regularly and fully enjoy the mountains. The children in our own village go to school and make the most of the opportunities that the region gives them. Of course plenty of skiing in the winter and in the summer many hiking, biking and horseback riding. 

In the Netherlands Annelies was already a cook and specializes in Mediterranean cuisine. It’s great to be able to pamper guests in her own inn with tasteful dishes. Here in the Lungau you are able to find products with an old-fashioned quality and taste it. A joy to cook with it. In addition, she once gave cooking classes. Apparently we like to transfer knowledge, because here she has again developed a cooking week to people in the morning to get acquainted with the great products of the area and then of course there’s also the afternoon cooking. 


Thea was originally an occupational therapist but has retrained as a computer programmer and systems analyst. This is of course extremely practical now the internet has become so important in the hotel industry. She has developed the website and ensures that we are easy to find. She takes care of all bookings and is there to answer all questions. In addition, it is wonderful to receive guests and to ensure that they lack nothing. This versatility makes the job so enjoyable.